A downloadable sketch

If you like shooting robotic flying advertisements, this game is for you. Actually this is but a mock-up version of a project in development : a maze game where you build your map by playing a Tetris game in the classic style of post-contemporary recursion-oriented Metalepsis. You'll get the point. 

Try it out at this stage, but be aware it's  still more of a working modded template than a proper game. It's fun in a straightforward manner if you like to shoot around, the main course being the aforementioned  concept. 

 See if you can  place the blocks correctly in this corrupted Tetris made especially for an upcoming  video-demo-pitch showcasing how all this should work miraculously: https://editor.p5js.org/gnozo/present/1tzUbY2mv


Tetris FPS Windows.zip 61 MB
Tetris FPS Mac.zip 62 MB
Tetris FPS Linux.zip 65 MB

Install instructions

Made with Unity. Download game launcher for your platform and play. This development build might contain some bugs but was positively tested on all platforms.

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